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Ok, listo.


About Frank Kern:


Hi, I’m Frank Kern.

I always love the “about me” page on websites like this because they’re written in the third person …even though they’re typically written by the the owner of the site.

So after Frank Kern made several attempts to sound smarter than he really is by writing about himself in the third person, he quickly abandoned that approach and decided to write this page like it was a letter to a friend.

Which …in many ways, it is.

Anyway – what do you want to know?

I’m 44 years old. I live in San Diego with my wife, Natalia.

We have four kids, two bunnies, and a dog named Charlie Murphy.

I’m guessing that’s not the kind of stuff you’re looking for.

You’re probably wondering,

Is This Guy Worth My Time And Attention?

For many readers, my answer is NO.

Here’s why:


I can not help you get rich quick.

For some reason, people equate “sell products on the Internet” to “get rich quick”.

I get it. That’s what attracted me to the Internet in 1999 (more on that later).

I thought it would be easy money and I’d have thousands coming in every day … on autopilot.

Well, it wasn’t easy money.

I do have consistent revenue coming in every day …often on auto pilot …but it took lots of work, frustration, and perseverance to get there.

…And it still takes work to keep it all running.

So if you’re not prepared to commit to roughly ten times more effort than you’re expecting, I’m not your guy.


If you don’t want to advertise,
you’re not going to enjoy my stuff.

No, I don’t sell advertising. But here’s why I’m telling you this.

Start going down the “Internet Marketing” rabbit hole, and you’ll see all kinds of ads and articles about free traffic, how to get rich by having other people promote your product, and all kinds of hype on the “latest loopholes” for “gaming the system”.

Does some of it work?

Probably. In the short term.  But if you rely on that, you don’t have a business. You have an income stream that’s supported by an unsustainable gimmick.

And that is a waste of time. If you want to waste time go see a movie. It’s more fun.


If you’re looking for “The Easy Way”,
I don’t want to help you.

It’s important you understand what I’m telling you.

I can help you, I just won’t. I’m capable of it, but I refuse to do it.


Because when I hear someone say, “What’s the easiest way”, what I’m really hearing is, “I’m not fully invested in the long term success of my own business …and am therefore not fully invested in the long term success of my customers.”

And that really translates to “I don’t want to work”.

Look, selling things on the Internet is HARD WORK. yes, when it’s all up and running, it can be just like you imagined: Passive revenue and money while you sleep.

But that takes HARD WORK to create and it takes HARD WORK to maintain.

You’re Still Here? Good.

Here’s what you can expect from me.

  • Actionable strategies and tactics you can use in your marketing right now, for free …which are usually followed by:
  • Blatant sales pitches.

Can you believe I just told you flat out that you’re going to receive blatant sales pitches from me?
Well, why wouldn’t I tell you?

I mean c’mon – I’m a “marketing guru”. We make our money by selling stuff. I will try to sell you something and I won’t be subtle about it.

However – it’s always preceded by by really valuable strategies and tactics you can use immediately.

That’s free.

The idea is you’ll say, “Man, this free stuff really helped me. I think I’ll try the paid stuff.”

Pretty simple, right?

I call it the old “Demonstrate You Can Help Them By Actually Helping Them” trick.

Works like a charm.

But you still might be wondering …

How Do I Know If Your Stuff Is Any Good?

Well, the smartest thing to do is to just get some of my free materials.

If you like it, you’ll probably like my trainings.

If you don’t like it, you won’t.

But I think I’m supposed to do the whole “self aggrandizing biography” thing now so here goes:

I started my “Internet Marketing” career in 1999 by selling credit card machines online.

At that time, I was selling them door to door and I’d done an Internet search for “how to sell credit cards machines online” and come across an ad for an “Internet Marketing” course.

The course was $275.

I must have read the sales letter for it 100 times before I bought it.

It was a good course, and somewhere there was one sentence that said something like, “It’s feasibly possible to make sales by sending millions of unsolicited emails”.

My 27 year old brain translated that to mean, “You’ll get rich really fast if you send millions of unsolicited emails” …which is exactly what I set out to do.

This was before that was illegal by the way. It was just …how do you say …”frowned upon”.

Anyway – it kind of worked. Kind of.

Did I make money?


Was it harder than doing it the “right” way?


Anyway – by sheer luck, I discovered old seminar recordings about how to sell with direct mail.

I bought them, listened to them, and was blown away.

Then I bought old books about direct response advertising and read them. Then I bought books and courses on copywriting and read them.

And after six years of trial and error, I finally started to achieve real success online.

I was placing ads online to sell pet training manuals to dog owners and parrot owners, and when my business did $100,000.00 in a single month, I decided to start teaching people how I was doing it.

And that’s how I got my start as a “marketing guru”.

Fast forward to today and I’ve got customers and clients in just about every country on earth. (Except Angola. And Zimbabwe. I just checked.)

I’m the “go to guy” for celebrities like Tony Robbins when it comes to online marketing, as well as (literally) over 100,000 small businesses and counting.

Here’s What I Will Help
You With, Specifically

My main focus is to help you turn advertising into profit by using automation.

I’m the creator of something called Behavioral Dynamic Response which is a fancy way of saying, “Automated marketing messages delivered to your prospects based on their behavior.”

It is, in my opinion, the Holy Grail of marketing.

I also focus on your positioning – which is really a fancy way of saying, “Getting People To Like You Before You Try To Sell Them Something.”

I do this by showing you the best way to genuinely help your prospects before they see your pitch.

Here’s My First Sales Pitch To You:

Go to my home page and read some of the articles on my site.

If you like them, sign up for some of my free trainings.

If they help you, consider buying my stuff when I make you an offer.

Pretty simple, right?

Thanks for reading this page and get to work!

e to leave his business at the office.

Whenever he was away, he was on the phone, or…running back to the office to put out fires.

The larger his business grew, the more it owned him.

Whenever we went on vacation, I remember my dad being on a pay phone calling his office to tell his employees what to do in order to keep his business, in business!

I realized that his employees worked for menial pay and that they cared a whole lot less about my dad’s success than he did.

If anything went wrong, they’d sell out in a heartbeat, leave his company and move on to the next low paying job where they’d work hard enough not to be fired and get paid just enough not to quit.

I saw this trend happen over and over again, and every time my dad would have to start over training new employees and making sure he had people to help him run his business. It was a pretty viscous cycle.

So here was the question I began asking myself…

How could I run my own business, without the challenges
of traditional business, but still be able to make a lot of money?

Even though I began dreaming about my future at such an early age, my question went unanswered for several years.

I went on to college in Baltimore Maryland after high school and started my own fraternity.

One day, after we ran out of ideas to raise money for charity, a friend suggested that we take a look at a business, where we could work once, get paid forever and have unlimited income to fund our projects.

Sounded like the furthest thing from what I was used to and I didn’t quite understand it at first, but after seeing those circles on the white board and finding out that I could make $10,000 per month working for myself, I bought into Network Marketing hook, line and sinker!

Being the only guy in the room in my fraternity that got a vision of what was possible, I pretty much just swallowed the hook and signed up on the spot for my first allotment of product.

It was dog food – Yes, you read that right – dog food!

It was supposed to better than any dog food on the face of the planet! Better nutrients, better absorption, healthier dogs! After all, isn’t the pet food isle the biggest one in the supermarket? I mean, come on – people take better care of their dogs than their kids.

Not only did I buy this pitch, but also $500 worth of product!»

I figured, ‘Hey, everyone who has a dog is my market.’

It sure was, and I sold everyone I knew who had a dog, the best dog food on the planet!

No autoship, no relationship, no mention that they could do it too – just all retailing, trying to earn back my start up, – which I then blew on beer and pizza and who knows what else!

My sponsor, (the guy who showed us the business), pretty much up and disappeared after my first order and I never heard from him again. I was 21 years old at the time.

So, that marked the end of my career…so I thought – certainly the end of my dog food business!

Then, in 1995 when I moved across country to California, I was working as a trainer in a gym when one of my clients invited me to sit in at her husband’s office for a new business opportunity.  He was a doctor.

Sure enough, out came the white board and the markers and there again, I saw those circles and dollar signs!

I fell in love all over again and back in MLM I was!

This time it was meal replacement bars.

I sold them to all my clients, made my parents and friends buy them and was back in the game.

My sponsor, (the doctor) told me to make my list so I could get as rich as possible. Boy was that a lesson in business.

Not knowing how to approach people, I blew most of them out the water and isolated myself for the first time from people I thought were my friends, just for asking them to buy my meal bars and telling them that if they would just sell them to their friends and family too, I could retire early at the ripe age of 25 and they’d get all the credit!

I had no idea what I was doing nor did I know that I had no idea what I was doing. I was simply doing what I was told to do by my sponsor, who again, I never heard from after our first meeting in the little 10X12 bedroom I was renting in a beat up old house in San Diego California.

It was at that time that I attempted to work at a job, which lasted only a short while, but where I met my next sponsor – in my next MLM business!

This time it was Vitamins!

A ha! I stumbled upon the old Vitamin MLM and sure enough, I was back to my family & friends again.

This was when I started doing mailings with an audio tape and one page sales letter to my customers of a private label sports supplement business that I started while I was doing all this network marketing stuff.

I was able to sell enough protein to these people that I’d fund my MLM business with my profits, yet at the same time, there was not enough profit coming in to get me in the black.

It cost a fortune in stamps and envelopes not to mention the loot I dropped on the actual tapes and inserts.

By the time I was done with that deal, I had enrolled 180 people in 13 months and had a whopping $160 residual income to show for the $20,000 I owed on credit cards.

It was pretty ugly to say the least, but I was not giving up.

I followed my sponsors from that company into a Laundry CD MLM if you can imagine. It went out of business in six months.

Can you believe people (including myself) paid $1500 for 24 Laundry CDs!!! I look back now and laugh. Except for the fact that I earned over $7,000 in my first 2 weeks thanks to the biggest scam in MLM History!

Since it was short lived, I could start looking at myself in the mirror again!

But then it was Oral HGH.

Then it was Spray Vitamins.

Then it was Internet Shopping Malls.

Then it was Telecom.

Then it was back to Internet Shopping Malls again.

Then it was Telecom again.

Then I caught on for a little while and started marketing MLM leads & training tools. (Interesting little side note here – I was actually onto something during this phase of my career, actually targeting the right market. More on this down below)

Then it was Vitamins again.

Then it was Legal Insurance.

Back to…you guessed it, Vitamins & Nutrition.

Did I mention that I marketed Vitamins? Just checking!

In between some of these companies, I was also doing some cash gifting. I got so sick of dealing with products that I turned to this low grade form of Networking.

Yes, I know – some people make money at it…except that there is no product or service involved, which the last time I checked was the definition of a pyramid! I got out pretty quickly and lost a bunch of everything.

Friends, credibility and of course, any extra cash I didn’t even have.

Credit Card Debt = $40,000

Man, I never gave up.

And I made some money.

I had some results.

I could actually put people into my business.

I even learned a ton about promoting and advertising and marketing and prospecting.

I learned what to do and what not to do.

I learned about myself, my strengths and the areas I can improve.

I learned about overcoming challenges and building self esteem and developing character.

I had to face my fears, insecurities and short comings.

In the end, my struggle was actually a major part of my success.

My mess became my message.

And yours will too, if you want to earn your stripes and have your success be long term.

And for that I am thankful that I paid my dues.

Matter» of fact, I eventually went on to earn many tens of thousands of dollars in Fast Start Bonuses alone, by mastering the #1 skill it takes to succeed in our Industry…PROSPECTING!

Now whether you create your own leads or buy them from a lead vendor, you must still learn to prospect.

Simply stated, prospecting is nothing more than interviewing people to see if they qualify for your time and your team.

There is a very simple science and an art to it and on my own CDs I explain in fine detail the exact strategies and philosophies that I’ve used to bring on well over 1,000 people from the Cold Market and hundreds from my Warm Market.

Here are just some of the things you will learn from my CDs.

  • How to Prepare Yourself for Success with Cold Leads
  • The Process that all Master Prospectors Must Learn
  • What to Uncover During a Cold Market Interview
  • What Your Leads & Prospects Care About Most
  • How to Let the Wrong People go with Grace & Dignity
  • What Prospects REALLY Buy When Getting Started
  • How Contribution Earns You More Money than Collection
  • Why Most People Never Complete their First Year in MLM
  • What Stops Most People Dead In Their Tracks
  • The #1 Necessary Evil on Your Way to the Top
  • The Warm Market Approach Guaranteed to Create Curiousity
  • How Master Prospectors Sort through Their Leads
  • How to Identify the Suspects from the Potential Prospects
  • How to Determine Immediately if a Lead Qualifies for Your Time
  • Four Qualities of Your Best Prospects
  • What Posture is & How to Use it Effectively
  • How to Easily Handle Challenging Leads
  • The Biggest Mistake People Make When Prospecting
  • How to Identify Leaders within Your Organization
  • Who Your Prospects and Downline are Looking for In an Upline
  • Why Your Script Could Keep You From Enrolling People
  • Three Qualities of Master Prospectors and Enrollers
  • What Matters Most to People Looking for a Home Based Business
  • What Keeps You from Truly Connecting with Potential Leaders
  • How to Attract Better Partners & Leaders into Your Organization
  • How to Turn Any Situation into a Money Making Experience
  • The #1 Reason People Stick with an MLM or Networking Business
  • Why Most People Who Advertise, LOSE Money
  • How to Earn More Income with Less Effort
  • Why Most People Struggle with Making Prospecting Calls
  • How to Earn More Income with Less Effort
  • Why Most People Struggle with Making Prospecting Calls
  • Where the REAL Fortune Is
  • Which two Activities Bring You the Best Results
  • The #1 Quality of Successful Leadership
  • What Prevents Massive Duplication In Your Business
  • What to Avoid Like the Plague When Growing Your Team
  • The #1 Objective on ALL of your Prospecting Calls
  • How to Build a HUGE Network by Asking for Referrals
  • How to Break the Ice with Total Strangers in a Local Market
  • How to Build the Biggest Team in the Shortest Amount of Time with the Least Amount of Headaches

But here’s what’s most interesting about all this experience.

From when I first started in MLM and was as green as grass, I was taught by every single one of my upline to make a list of everyone I knew and either invite them to a local meeting, attend a conference call or maybe even listen to an audio tape or pre-recorded message about my company, product or both.

When this didn’t work and I got un-invited from Thanksgiving dinner, I then resorted to prospecting cold leads.

I purchased a list, got my long distance and 3 way calling set up and was off to the races.

If I could get people on the phone and didn’t get hung up on, I would interview them and either 3 way them onto a call or send them an information packet in the mail.

If they liked what they heard, I would then introduce them to my upline over the phone and get their questions answered by any one of several resident «experts» who would then attempt to close my prospect.

Not knowing any different (or better), I did exactly as I was told and repeated this activity as many as 10xs per day, sometimes every day of the week for months on end. I even remember making calls on holidays because I figured more people would be home.

Cold market prospecting became a way of life for me and just as I’d brush my teeth every morning, so would I take out my leads list and start dialing.

Back then, I had to hand dial our leads, contacts and prospects.

Today, there is a whole new way of doing it.

It’s called PhoneBurner and it’s an Automated Personal Calling Assistant that actually dials a list of phone numbers for you while you just sit back and wait for a LIVE person to answer.

It eliminates having to leave voicemail messages, reaching disconnected numbers or fax machines.

In other words, what used to waste 75% of your time when hand dialing leads or prospects, can now be 100% eliminated.

Instead of speaking to only 2-5 people per hour by hand dialing, with PhoneBurner you will speak to 10-20 people per hour.

This is a huge difference in the number of people you will expose your business to.

Plus, for every dial, whether you connect with the person or not, an email is sent to their email address with the reason you could not reach them, your contact information and your website address.

In other words, PhoneBurner will automatically drive traffic to your website whether you speak with your contacts or not.

I highly recommend that if you want to learn to master the art of prospecting, expose 5-10X more people to your business and even drive traffic without even speaking with your leads or contacts, go check out PhoneBurner.

Click Here for More Information and/or Sign Up Now.

So anyway, back to my story…

Long before PhoneBurner was available,

While I invested tens of thousands of dollars into buying cold business opportunity seeker leads on my credit cards and my phone bills were as high as $800 per month, my upline just told me to keep on making the calls.

They barely taught me what to do or say.

These days, the training available for anyone making cold calls is priceless.

Back then, I just winged it and blew thousands of people out of the water.

Today, there are great scripts and training that you can learn from that will make you sound like a pro when calling cold leads, or any leads for that matter. Even the ones you generate on your own.

Not only was I cold calling leads back then, but I put flyers on cars at the mall and at apartment complexes and made one page advertisements with tear offs and posted them at every grocery store within a few miles of where I lived.

I placed business and sizzle cards in books at libraries and bookstores and talked to anyone and everyone no matter where I was.

When these methods didn’t work, I resorted to fax blasting businesses with a home made flier, in hopes that some business owners would call me back and join my business. I think I got a few calls but nothing ever came out of it.

Waiting for something good to happen, my whole life was being consumed by figuring out which angle to take when pitching people about my business.

I was a horrible listener because of it, which made me very shallow and unattractive.

Anyone who knew my agenda knew that I was truly desperate to succeed.

I was eating the $.99 menu at whatever fast food joint I could find. Sometimes it was tortillas & bean burritos at my local taco shop.

I lost weight, but added body fat. I looked and felt horrible and began questioning if this industry would ever work for me.

I truly had to convince myself to keep going every day.

I was doing whatever I could think of to generate interest and get my phone to ring.

You can say that I did network marketing the hard way. More like it, Network Marketing was doing me!

The operative words were that I was doing it – just as I was taught. No matter what happened, I was not giving up on my dreams of freedom.

Pretty it was not. It was actually quite ugly at times.

Matter of fact, learning to succeed this way was brutal and probably the most barbaric form of network marketing you can ever imagine.

(I found out much later on why this was happening, which I’ll get to in just a minute.)

You see, while I was learning to cold call, I faced tons of rejection.

I spent way too much money on leads and just as much on training courses, books, tapes, cds and even coaching, to keep myself motivated to keep on going.

Interestingly enough, not one trainer or course I learned from, (until just a few years ago) indicated that by calling my family and friends, prospecting complete strangers or calling business opportunity seekers, that I was targeting the wrong market with my efforts.

So no matter how good I got at signing them up, I was still talking to the wrong people because chances of them being self motivated and duplicating, were slim to none.

Not knowing this, I continued to call every Tom, Dick & Harry on my list, just thinking that eventually I would come across somebody who was just as hungry for success and who would be willing to throw themselves into the fire like I did.

I remember hearing from my upline, «the fotune is in the follow up» and «just keep doing what you’re doing.»

I thought this meant to call people repeatedly – to wear them down until they said yes. I’m quite sure that a lot of my prospects even changed their phone number just to get rid of me.

How I continued on in those early days is a mystery to me because there were many nights that I would just lay on my bed staring up at the ceiling and ask myself:

– Why isn’t this working?
– Why doesn’t anyone want to work with me or make any m’oney?
– Why does everyone think my business is a scam?
– Why don’t they see it like I do?

I asked myself these questions and many more, often, later finding out that I was not the only networker who felt this same way.

It turned out that everybody else was being taught the same way I was, also targeting the wrong market.

This is why even still today, 98% of the industry makes little or no money.

It’s not just because people don’t want to succeed and aren’t willing to do the work. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Anyway, not being in the know, I sacrificed my social life, stopped spending time with my friends, missed dozens of family events and holidays and completely submerged myself into books, tapes and cds trying desperately to come up with solutions to what I thought was my problem.

Yes, I was dysfunctional in many ways, but I now know that I wasn’t too dysfunctional to succeed.

And I’d bet my next set of checks that YOU are not too dysfunctional to succeed either.
You’ve just been doing Network Marketing the hard way, like I did for many years, targeting the WRONG market.

GREAT News – even in today’s economy, there is a much easier way to succeed!

The most powerful business building tool in the history of man.

I remember hearing about email while on my trip across America back in October of ’95.

I never heard of such a thing.

Then surfing the web.

What a trip!

Who knew that this technology would change the way we all do business – forever!

Sadly enough though, while billions are spent online every month by network marketers, still to this day, most of the network marketing industry is still in the dark about how to use the internet to actually build their businesses and turn a profit every time they do so.

As you will find out here shortly, it’s much more than having a cool or pretty website with flash technology tell and sell your product or compensation plan.

And that is my second reason for writing to you today.

Enter my good friend Mike Dillard.

I met Mike in 2004 at a convention in Las Vegas. He was with my company at the time, doing just ok, but had some big plans to re-write the book on network marketing.

After he disappeared for about six months, he re-emerged out of nowhere and began enrolling people like crazy into his business.

«What in the world happened to Dillard», we were all asking.

He came back a recruiting MACHINE!
Long story short, Mike is the guy who singlehandedly changed an entire Industry with his breakthrough course on attraction marketing.

If you haven’t ordered it yet, keep reading this message because you must find out for yourself just how powerful this course truly is.

This one course, (which costs less than the price of dinner & a movie with your significant other), has been the launching pad for tens of thousands of networkers who have struggled for years to make their businesses work by using the old worn out marketing methods mentioned earlier.

Read that sentence again.

This one course, (which costs less than the price of dinner & a movie with your significant other), has been the launching pad for tens of thousands of networkers who have struggled for years to make their businesses work using old worn out marketing methods.

If you don’t own it yet, Magnetic Sponsoring will truly change the way you think about your business forever, like it did for me.

In other words, by applying what you learn from Mike’s courses, you could completely re-write your own financial future like I and so many others already have.

Yes I know, it’s completely off course from what you’ve been taught all these years and even off course from what I’ve been teaching up until recently- but what if everything you need to make a killing in your business on the internet is right under your nose and you just didn’t make the investment or time to find out just how close you truly are to success?

What if you could earn a lot more money a whole lot faster without the headaches and hassles of doing it the «old school» way.

What if you applied the strategies found in Mike’s courses and positioned yourself as the leader others are looking for so that they called you to sign up in your business, before you ever picked up a phone to call them?

What if you could enroll people who were willing and ready to go out and build their own team but who do not require hand holding, babysitting or even an occasional pep talk to keep them motivated?

Let me be the first to tell you that when you have a list of red hot prospects who are truly interested in signing up with you, credit card in hand, and you’ve already gotten paid just for them taking a look at your business, that is HOT!

I am living proof.

I was the old school master – hand dialing, facing rejection, being hung up on and investing tens of thousands of dollars on leads, phone bills and all the time lost while trying to motivate people to succeed.

Eventually, I learned to master the phone and have enrolled well over 1,000 people from a cold market into my businesses.

Last year alone, my wife and I hosted 40 home parties to build our business.

Do these methods work?

YES, they did, but it’s getting harder and harder to build this way, considering that the internet is now the rage amongst home business owners in Network Marketing.

PLUS, these old methods only work if you have the time and patience to wade through the wrong market for years and years, hoping to come across the right people eventually, who have the same drive and persistence as you do.

Based on the FAILURE rate in our industry, 98% of the people do not.

Even today, in most organizations around our Industry, most of the people using these old school methods are still failing miserably, so we know that it’s not the people, but the strategies they are using to build their businesses.

Like I said, when you are making money every day and have plenty of people requesting information from you, you won’t need to be pumped up or motivated by a pep talk from your upline.

It’s only when you are down that you need a picker upper or motivational talking to.

Most people, possibly even you, are facing constant rejection all because you are missing your target market.

Plus, if you are not reaching your target market, you are spending way more than you make, and most likely going further and further into deb’t.

The question is, «how much further will you go before you reach your breaking point and quit?»

For most people, they are already there, but still have that glimmer of hope, like I did for almost 7 years.

Some will continue on no matter what and quit in more debt than when they started.

Some will make it on the old school principles because they fall into that 2% of the industry who has the credibility and influence to make it no matter what they do.

But for the rest of the industry, what’s the solution?

What’s a networker to do when they still have big dreams and goals, haven’t given up on them and are willing to continue?

Well I say, do what every smart networker is now doing and start marketing yourself, generate your own leads with your own branded lead capture page, make a profit whether people join or not and be in total control of your own business Brand yourself.

Generate your own leads.

Profit from them on the front end whether they join your downline or not.

This is a huge key to lifelong success in this industry.

Become the expert to your prospects and watch them come to you with credit card in hand wanting to know how they can sign up with you in your Networking Business.

Do this and you will separate yourself from every other ml’mer out there who refuses to address the fact that old school methods are the cause of more failure and attrition than they’d like to admit.

Truly, this is the only solution.

We are in a Brand YOU World and if you don’t start branding yourself, you wll lose.

All the smart networkers are already doing it and making it work.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to my good friend and mentor Mike Dillard.

The training courses Mike offers have truly changed the way myself and thousands of others in our industry are doing business.

In just the last 18 months, I have profited well over $400,000 using just a few of Mike’s strategies.

Now that is certainly not a record, but for a guy who was in $60K worth of debt just 4 1/2 years ago and living a life of uncertainty, I feel pretty good that I’m onto something here.

And let me tell you, it’s like a breath of fresh air, every time, to talk to a lead who saw my website, read my blog, my article or my story, bought my cds or Mike’s affiliate products and wants to now look at my business.

Since this missing chapter in our Industry has been written, I have fully embraced it over the past 18 months and as a result am now teaching what I know to other smart networkers.

So I have no qualms telling you that if you ever, ever, ever want to escape the rat race, have people calling YOU with credit card in hand to join you and build a business, you must take this new direction.

Oh, and one other great thing I forgot to mention:

You never have to try and motivate these people to get busy building their businesses!

You see, they found you, which is the most important part of the whole equation. Who finds who is critical because if they come to you, you are automatically seen as the expert in their eyes.

Hey, your marketing worked. And they know it – which is how they found you in the first place!

Smart networkers will take this advice very seriously.

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Perry Marshall says, «The Internet is a Raging River of Business & anyone not learning how to market themselves online, is going to be outdated, outsourced and out of business very shortly.»

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My story and my highest recommendations that are guaranteed to help you position yourself as a leader, drive traffic to your new website and show you exactly how to get these people into your Network Marketing Business.

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I trust you got a lot out of my story and now realize that if I can be successful, so can you!

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If I can assist you on your journey, never hesitate to contact me for the support, mentorship and leadership that you deserve.

As always…to the top,


Nicolas LaverdeQuién Es Nicolás Laverde