Another level of impact, or next level of success, there are 3 wayy to get it:

1. Back to College to get traditional education. to gaing more general knowledge, and the world is not general anymore.

Colleges are growing in a linear way, where are the speed of the world is going exponential. By the time you finish your degree, everything changed.

Napoleon Hill said it in 1937, if you want to reach wealth, you got to be specialized.

2. Trial and Error has help a lot of people…. by the time you figure it out on your own, you miss it. Same as school.

3. Self education. Learn from someone who has already done it. That could be anything. If you are 1 year, 5, 10 years, 20 years ahead of you… and you are on day 1 on your process. Sales, Marketing, soooo, how do you go faster????

Buy Speed. Cass video. Facbook

Igor´s story:

One morning Alex messaged me saying he joined a really expensive coaching program where this guy was supposed to teach him how to promote affiliate products.

He said he took out a loan to join the program and he was really nervous about it.

I told him what an idiot he was to fall for some shmuck’s fake coaching and urged him to get his money back.

I thought I was doing him a favor by protecting him. But he took it differently.

He told me I was an idiot and blocked me on Skype.

I brushed it off and tried to forget about it. But over the years, as I was building my oinkline bizniz, I followed Alex’s updates on Facebook.

Facebook is where people go to brag about their life (even if their life ain’t worth bragging about), so I knew I would be getting all the major updates about Alex’s life there.

For a couple of months nothing significant happened.

Then Alex started posting one inkom skreenshot after another. Almost every other day he’d post a Clickbank skreenshot showing thousands of dollars in komisions.

Then he started posting all the things he was buying with the newly-found money.

First a new Mercedes C class.

Then a new penthouse lease.

Then a new girlfriend.

With each post I grew to resent Alex more and more until finally, after yet another look at my big bank account post, I unsubscribed from his updates and blocked him on Facebook.


Because it was a reminder that I should gotten coaching sooner!

In fact, that’s what I’ve done shortly after.

I went into a Skype group I was a member of, full of people who were building email lists and blasting affiliate offers. I knew there were some big fish there.

I put up a message saying I wanted to meik 3,000 per month and I was willing to pay for coaching.

Two people Skyped me immediately.

One was a known scam artists in those circles. I ignored her.

The other was a guy I never heard of before. Never spoke to him. Not on the phone or even text.

He sent me a few pics proving how much he was making.

I said pics could be faked.

He got on a skype screenshare with me and walked me through his accounts.

He was the first real human being I was talking to who was actually maken over 10,000 every month online.

He quoted me a mentoring fee I simply couldn’t afford.

I begged for a payment plan.

He said he’ll think about it. Came back the next day saying he’ll do it.

I sent him the first payment worked my ass off to meik money with what he was showing me, because I just didn’t have the rest.

Although I was late on every one of the 6 payments, I paid him in full within 6 months.

Getting a mentor was the best decisions I’ve ever made, because by the end of that year I bought my first brand new car (enable images)


It’s expensive.

Sometimes you don’t even know what you’re getting into until you’re inside, and yet, it may cost an arm and a leg to get going.

I’ve pondered this dilemma over the years, having invested well over $1,000,000 in coaching (mostly professional, but some personal too) and I came up with a way to provide list builders with affordable mentoring in building a large responsive email list for the purposes of affiliate promotions.

It’s called the List Building Lifestyle Club.

This sort of thing has never been done before.

Most mentoring programs charge an arm and a leg for any kind of support.

This mentoring program is different.

I’ve created this mentoring program for people who can’t afford (or don’t want to fork out) 10,000 for expensive mentoring, yet, who recognize they need support of an experienced guide to succeed.

Enroll in List Building Lifestyle Club today at 50% OFF to get mentored by world’s top list builder for just $3.23 per day.


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